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Dear Old Boys,

The brief history of BFHS I am about to post is a recount of the compendium of information at my disposal all of which came into my possession from stories told to me by some of the Pioneer Old Boys during my personal interaction with them during my several years tenor as President of BIFOBA and from documentation coming into my possession from the School records/ personal notes of some of our Teachers, the likes of Chief Olayeye, Mr R.H White etc. This historical Account which I have made general and summarized is not intended to cast any aspersions and should NOT be made a subject of controversy by Old Boys. On the contrary, it is to be deemed educational materials showcasing the rich and proud heritage of our Alma which a lot of Old Boys are not aware of.

These information were handed over to me by Old Boys and Teachers, some of whom have passed on and I am also handing these records over to the next generation peradventure I also pass, so the next gen

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