Sometime in June/July 2006, North America chapter was officially established, and this website, as an official website for the Alumni Association (BIFOBA), was finally developed and ready for use. And right immediately after the creation of the website, the chapter assumed the management of it (both technically and financially) as part of its complementary program to the national headquarter in Nigeria, to this day. 

The fact is North America chapter was established with the hope of saving Birch Freeman High School (BFHS) from its state of decadent paralysis - by working (as a perfect complement) with the National Headquarter of the Alumni Association in Lagos. And to accomplish the saving mission, the chapter created this website as an additional move to make the National Association worldwide in scope among its alumni, both in participation and in membership. And so, the process of globalizing BIFOBA started not only with the establishment of the North America chapter but also with the creation of this official website.

Fortunately, this website has a message broadcast system in which all registered and non-registered members can be reached globally. And by using the broadcast message feature of the website and other communication tools, one or two pioneer members of NA chapter embarked on relentless and sustainable globalization efforts for BIFOBA. Their efforts did not only focus on informing old boys both at home and in diaspora about the existence of our alumni association (BIFOBA), but also on creating global awareness and discussions amongst old boys around the globe about the dilapidated condition [then] of our dear alma mater: the unbending efforts of these alumni resulted in the globalization of BIFOBA, as it is today. 

Please note:  the same NA pioneer members who championed the globalization of BIFOBA were equally [directly] instrumental to the formation of UK Chapter; the glory of these remarkable accomplishments by these old boys for our Alumni Association and for our school is what we all are adoring and delighting in today. Up School!

Before 2006, and because of years of neglect by Lagos State government, Birch Freeman had fallen into a state of complete disrepair, and the Old Boys' Association (BIFOBA) itself was unstable and relatively unknown outside Lagos, not to mention among old boys in the diaspora. But two factors brought a different dynamic to the association. The first factor was the combination of the establishment of the North America chapter and the creation of this official website for BIFOBA. And the second factor was Mr. Babatunde Fashola, an old boy, who was elected the governor of Lagos State from 2007-2015.

To be continued!

By Foluso Adeyemi

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