Prof. Abiodun Olatunbosun Illesanmi, JP, NPOM



           (A)     GENERAL INFORMATION

                   Marital Status:                             Married with Children


                   Nationality:                                 Nigerian


(ii)      Official & Contact Address

Office of the Chief Medical Director

University College Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Road

P.M.B. 5116

Ibadan, Nigeria


(iii)         Hospital & Work Place Address


Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

University College Hospital (UCH)

Queen Elizabeth Road

P.M.B. 5116

Ibadan, Nigeria.




  1.     Birch Freeman High School, Lagos                                -        1965-1969


  2.     C.M.S. Grammar School, Lagos                                   -        1970-1971


  3.     Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria                                    -        1973-1975


4.         University of  Benin, Benin City                                            

University  of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City            -        1972


  5.    Catholic Hospital, Oluyoro, Ibadan                                -        1975-1978


  6.     University College Hospital    , Ibadan                           -        1983-1986   


  7.     University of Ibadan, Department of Economics,

          Faculty of Social Sciences                                           -        1982-1989


  8.     University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre

          Philadelphia, U.S.A.                                                   -        1987-1989


  9.     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, U.S.A.            -        1993-1995


10.     Institute of Public Private Partnership, Washington, U.S.A,

          Longhborough University, U. K.                                             2007-2009




  1.     Department of Economics, University of Ibadan                       1987-1989


2.         Tendering and Management Course, Administrative

staff College of Nigeria (ASCON)                                           Nov. 2003


3.         IAEA Scientific Visiting Fellow TATA Hospital,

Mumbai, India                                                          April 2004


4.         Advanced Leadership Course for Health Executives,

Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard University,

Boston, U.S.A.                                                                   Oct. 2004


5.         Vision Building and Strategic Planning Workshop,

Aravind Medical Centre, India                                               July 2006


6.         Beyond Score sheet Performance Evaluation,

Cranfield University Business School, U.K.                               Oct. 2006


7.         Leadership for Effective Corporate Governance,

University of Manchester Business School, U.K.                        Oct. 2006  


  8.     Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Social Services.                   

          The Institute for Public Private Partnership (IP3),

          Washington DC, U.S.A.                                                        April 2008


  9.     Top Executive Leadership Programme, University of

Stelleboch, South Africa.                                                      2008


10.     Value for Money (VEM), Public Sector Comparator

(PSC) and Risk Analysis Technique for PPP Project

Structuring –

Institute of Public Private Partnership

(IP3) Washington DC, USA.                                                   May,  2009


11.     Contract Compliance, Performance Monitoring and

          Dispute Resolving for PPP projects.

Institute of Public Private Partnership (IP3)

Washington DC, USA.                                                Oct. 2009


12.     Global Health Leadership Forum,

          Graduate School of Economics, Barcelona, Spain                      July, 2010


13.     Public Procument Course for Medical Health

          Equipment and Consumables, Edinburgh, UK.                           Aug. 2010


14.     Measurement of Health Research Outcomes,

          Harvard School of Public Health                                             Sept. 2010    


15.     Global Leadership: Enduring Tough Economic Times,

          McDonough School of  Business, Georgetown

          University, U.S.A.                                                               Nov. 2010




   1.    West African School Certificate                                             1969    


   2.    Higher School Certificate                                                      1971


3.        Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

(MBBS, Benin)                                                         


  4.     Fellow, West African College of Surgeons (FWACS)                   1989


  5.     Fellow, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria  

          in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FMCOG)                                 1989


  6.     Master in Business Administration (MBA)                                 1989


  7.     Member, Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM)                  1989


  8.     Certificate in Reproductive Biology and Infertility                      1992


  9.     Fellow, International College of Surgeons (FCIS)                      1997


10.     Fellow, Nigerian Institute of Management (FNIM)                      2005


11.     Fellow, Certified Institute of Public Administration of

          Ghana (FCIPA, Ghana)                                                        2006


12.     Fellow, Institute of Democratic Administration (FIDA)               


13.     Fellow, Institute of Corporate Management & Public                  2007

          Administrators of Nigeria (FCMPA)                              


14.     Fellow, Institute of Strategic Managers, Ghana (FISM)               2009


15.     Certified PPP Specialist (Loughborough University, UK

          and Institute of PPP, USA.                                                    2009


16.     Fellow, Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

          (FIMC)                                                                             2009




   1.    Lagos State Scholarship                                                       1969


   2.    Federal Government Scholarship                                           1975-1978


3.        Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, University of Pennsylvania,

USA                                                                                 1990-1992


4.        Biotechnology Career Fellow Rockefeller  Foundation,

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill North

Carolina, USA                                                                    1993-1995




Officer of the Order of Niger – OON                                       2010/2011


National Productivity Order of Merit Award,

NPOM                                                                     2004


Recipient, Kwame Nkrumah Merit Award                       2006


Doctor of Science D.Sc (Honoris Causa)                        2009


Zik Memorial Merit Award                                           2010


Prof. Abiodun Ilesanmi Annual Guest Lecture

(honoured by the entire students of the

University College Hospital (USA)                                          


Prof. Abiodun Ilesanmi Recreation Centre

(PAIRC)                                                                   2011

(sports complex donated in my honour by the

Association of Resident Doctors, UCH (ARD)




          1.       School Prefect, Birch Freeman High School, Lagos          1969


          2.       Chapel Prefect, CMS Grammar School, Lagos                 1971


3.            Vice President Oyo/Osun State Students Union,

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria                                    1973-9175


4.            Secretary General, Research Club, University of

Benin.                                                                     1977


5.            Former Head of Medical Team, Catholic Hospital,

Oluyoro, Oke-Offa, Ibadan.                                         1985-1986


6.            Appointed  Justice of the Peace (JP), Oyo State

Government, Federal Republic of Nigeria                       1989


          7.       Asiwaju Balogun Baasegun of  Ibadanland                      1996


          8.       Listed in Contemporary Who’s who in the World              2003   



          9.       Listed in Oyo State Eminent Citizens                    2004


         10.      Listed in Who’s who in Nigeria                                     2007

         11.      Merit Award in Recognition of Proficiency,

Competence and Contribution to Management

Development and Practice (IPEMT)                               2004


         12.        National Merit Award in Hospital Administratrion            2004


         13.      Award of Excellence and Distinction in Public

                   Administration                                                2004


14.            Award of Excellence –National Association of

Laboratory Science Students.                                      2004


15.            Senior Fellowship Award of the Institute of

Administrative Management of Nigeria (SFIAMN)            2004


16.            African Role Model Leadership Gold Award for

Excellence.                                                              2004


17.            Meritorious Award in Recognition of Sterling

Achievements and Contributions to Growth of

Physiotherapy Profession                                           2005


18.            Merit Award of the Development in Nigeria (DINMA)        2005


19.            Award of Excellence in Hospital Management presented

By Alexander Brown Hall Ex-Co (2005)                          2005


20.            Guest Lecture Award of the Nigeria Medical Association

AGM                                                                       2005


21.            Merit Award of the Times News Magazine                      2005  


22.            Merit Award of Alexander Brown Hall, University of

Ibadan                                                                    2005


23.            Distinguished Alumnus Award – College of Medical Sciences,   

University of Benin, Benin City                                     2005


24.            Great Scholar of the 21st Century Award – citation of

inclusion                                                                  2005


25.            The Best Teaching Hospital in Nigeria Award – 50th National

Council on Health by Federal Ministry of Health, Federal

Government of Nigeria                                              2006


26.            Patriotic Achievers Award by Franolly Incorporated         2006


27.            Special Merit Award of Who’s Who in Management

Intelligence                                                              2006


28.            Special Award as The Best Host-Save Accident Victim

Association of Nigeria (SAVAN)                                    2006


     29.           Platinum Award for Nigerian Role Model by Today’s People       

International                                                            2006


     30.          Oluyole Tower Award – Rotary Club of Ibadan, Oluyole

District (9130 District)                                                2006


     31.           Guest Speaker’s Award – Association of Resident

Doctors                                                                   2006


     32.           An Award of Excellence – National Association of Nigerian

                   Students (NANS)                                                      2006


     33.           Achiever’s Award – Ijesha Forum of Nigeria                  2006


     34.           Merit Award for Welfare of Brownites

Alexander Brown Hall                                                 2006


     35.          Award by the University of Ibadan Dental Students

Association                                                              2006

36.              Fellowship Merit Award for Positive Contributions to

                   Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU - UCH)                      2006


     37. AGGSODEVE 2006 Legislative Award (Agency for Good

                   Government & Social Development (Ghana) for Exemplary

                   Performance in Medical Research and Development        2006


     38. Recipient, Kwame Nkrumah Outstanding Merit Award      2006


     39.    Distinguished Leadership in National Development Gold

                Award by Corporate and Media Communications                 2006


40.         Award/Investure into Public Service Hall of Fame by Virtues

Magazine, The Flagship of Good Heads and Dreams Ltd.       2006


41.         Special  Award for Outstanding Commitment to Excellency by  

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Ibadan 


42.         Merit Award, Old Grammarian Society (CMS Grammar School),  

Lagos                                                                          2006


43.         Hospital Administrator’s Award for 2006 – Lich Field

Communications  Ltd.  In Association with Nigerian Institute of      

Planning, Leadership and General Management          2007


44.         Distinguished Award of Honour – Nigerian Red Cross                     2007


Major Sponsor’s Honour for the 10th Year Anniversary/6th  Ibadan   

Ladies Amateur Open gold Championship

Ibadan Gold Club                                                           2007


45.         African Icon of our Generation Award in recognition of

Exemplary life of Excellence by International Institute of

Comparative for Leadership Africans and Black in Diaspora,

Accolade Communications.                                               May,2007


46.        Distinguished Medical Ambassador Award in recognition of

        sterling achievements in the medical profession and Great

         contributions to the socio-economic development of Nigeria,

          Africa and the entire world by African Leadership Congress   Sept. 2007


47.        Golden Award for Healthcare Delivery and Humanitarian

 Leadership by Pan African News Magazine                         2007


48.        International Distinguished Leadership gold Award by

Nigerian Youth Organization in conjunction with African

Youth congress                                                               2007


49.        Recipient, Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of

Nigeria (SOGON) Honours Award in Health Administration      2007


50.        Award for Contribution to Radiography Education by the

Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria                         2008


      52.      Award by the Edo State Medical Students Association          2008


53     A special Award for the Hospital (UCH) as a Distinguished

Tax Prayer by Federal government institutions in the

Public Sector for 2007-Federal Inland Revenue Service,

Iwo Road, Ibadan                                                           March 2008


54      Certificate of Achievement in Public-Private Partnership in

Health Education and Social Services by The Institute for

Public Private Partnership, Washington D.C. USA                  April,2008


     55.      Award in recognition of outstanding contribution to the    

               development of Pharmacy Practice – UCH Pharmacy

               Department                                                                  June2008


     56.       Award for contribution towards the development of

                 Federal Tertiary Hospitals in Nigeria by Federal Medical

                 Centre, Katsina                                                           2008


      57.       Osi Balogun Baasegun of Ibadanland                               Aug.2008


58.             Special Merit  Award for Excellence in Management

Intelligence by Nigerian Who’s Who in Management

Intelligence                                                                  Sept.2008


59.             Evergreen African man of Gold Award in Africa-

             The Evergreen Progressive Development Foundation

of Nigeria                                                                    Sept.2008


60.             Merit Award in Recognition of Supportive Role to the

Development of Dental & Oral Healthcare Professionals

in Nigeria Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria    2008


61.             Golden Star Award for Exemplary Leadership in Tertiary

Healthcare Delivery in Nigeria by Security Watch Africa

Awards                                                                       Oct. 2008


62.             Award of Hard-line stand on Discipline, Hardwork,

Honesty & Accountability by The Association of

National Accountants (ANAN)                                          June 2009


      63.          Otunba of Isotun in Ijeshaland                                      March 2009


63.               Merit Award for Academic Excellence – Ijesa Sports

                Club, Ilesa                                                               May 2009


65.                 Golden Black Legendary Award by  the Evergreen

Africa                                                                       June 2009


66.                 Award of Excellence in Medicine, Birch Freeman

High School Old Boys Association, (BIFOBA)                     2010


67.                 Fellowship in Medicine and Healthcare, American

Biographical Institute.                                                 2009

       68.        Proclamation as Great Mind of the 21st Century in

                      the Art of Medicine, American Biographical Institute        2009


 69.         Fellowship in Medicine and Healthcare, American

                Biographical Institute                                                 2009


70.               Proclamation as Great Mind of the 21st Century in the

Art of Medicine, American Biographical Institute              2009


       71.          Inducted into the Order of Medicine and Healthcare

                      Merit, American Biographical Institute.                         2009


       72.        Award in Excellence, Institute of Chartered

Accountants (ICAN)                                                    2009


73.               Great Minds of the 21st Century, American Biographical

Institute                                                                   2009

       74.        American Order of Merit Award in Medicine and

Healthcare.                                                               2009


        75.       Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa), European American

University, Dominican Republic.                                    2009

        76.       National Associate of Resident Doctors (NARD) Award of

Excellence; Merit Award for the Best CMD (Chief Medical

Director) in advocacy for Residency Training in Nigeria     Sept. 2010


        77.       Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN      )

                   Award of Honor in recognition of Mentorship to Medical

                   Women and the Community                                         Nov. 2010


        78.       Conferment of Chieftaincy Title of Otunba of Ijesaland      Nov. 2010


        79.       Jansons Foundation Philanthropy Award                         2010


         80.      NASU Award of Excellence                                           2010



         81.      Anglican Diocese of Ife Merit Award                              2010


82.            National Forum of Heads of Federal Government

Establishment Award of Excellence in Medical

Administration                                                           2010




1.    Member, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)                             1978


2.    Alumnus, Master of Business Administration Graduates                1989


3.     Member, Nigerian Institute of Management                               1989 -Date


4.     Member, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (SOGON)   1988 –Date


5.    Member, West African College of Surgeons                               1988-Date


6.     Member, Nigerian National Postgraduate Medical College            1989-Date


7.     Member, University of Ibadan Alumni Association                       1989-Date




1.      Chief Medical Director, University C College of Health Sciences

2.       Igbinedum University, Okada, Edo State ollege

  Hospital, Ibadan                                                           March 2003 – Feb.2011


3.       Acting Provost, College of Health Sciences

   Igbinedum University, Okada, Edo State                          Sept. 2011-Marh 2012


4.       Senior Health Adviser, Shell Petroleum

                     Development Cooporation of Nigeria (SPDC)                 Jan. 2013 – Date


                   Visiting Professor, College of Health Sciences

5.       Visiting Professor, College of Health Sciences

                   Igbinedum University, Okada, Edo State                        March, 2011 –April, 2012


6.        Professor and Head, Department of Obstetrics  and

    Gynaecology, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan      Aug. 2000-. 2003


7.        Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,

    College of Medicine, University of Ibadan                        Oct. 1, 1997


8.        Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, University

    College Hospital, Ibadan                                               March, 1989


9.        Secretary, Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,

    National Post graduate Medical College of Nigeria              Nov. 1999-2004


10.     Associate Editor, Proceedings of University of Ibadan

     Clinical Sciences and Dentistry Faculty Lectures            

11.     Associate Editor, Journal of the National Postgraduate

     Medical College of Nigeria.                                      


12.     Deputy Editor, Tropical Journal of Obstetrics

           & Gynaecology                                                        2001 – Date


13.      Consulting Editor, Contemporary Who’s Who  in

            the World                                                              2004


14.     Member, Board of Postgraduate Studies and

            and Admission.                                                       1999-2003


15.     Member, Curriculum Review for Professional Courses

            and other Courses, College of Medicine, University of



          16.     Reviewer of Peered Articles for the following Journals:


           (i)   Journal of the National Postgraduate Medical College

                  of Nigeria                                                                 1999-Date


           (ii)    Tropical Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology                   2001-Date


          (iii)    Nigerian Medical Journal


           (iv)    African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences            1997-Date


           (v)     Nigerian Journal of Medicine                                    


            (vi)    Journal of Biomedical and Physiological Sciences            2000-Date


           (vii)    Journal of Clinical Sciences                                         2001-Date


13.      Member of Senate, University of Ibadan                      1997-Date


14.      Member of Senate, National Postgraduate Medical

                      College of Nigeria ( NPMCN)                                      1999-2004


15.      Member of Business Committee, NPMCN                     1999-2004


16.      Member of the Proposal & Project Development

                      Committee, NPMCN                                                         1999-2004


17.       Chairman, Committee on Acquisition of Higher

       Academic Degree, Faculty of Clinical Sciences and

       Dentistry, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan      2001-2002


18.       Secretary, Accreditation Team, Faculty of Obstetrics

 & Gynaeology, NPMCN                                             1999-Date


19.       Member, Accreditation Team, Faculty of Obstetrics

                       & Gynaecology, West African College of Surgeons       1997-Date


20.       Member, Federal Ministry of Health Committee on

       Reproductive Health Priority Researches in the

  Country                                                                2002


21.       Member, Advisory Committee on Vision Project

       for Family Planning Activities in Nigeria                       2002-2003




1.    Lecturer to Medical Student and Resident Doctors,

University College Hospital, Ibadan                          1986-Date


2.    Clinical and Tutorial Teaching to Medical Students,

University College Hospital, Ibadan                          1989-Date           


3.    Guest Lecturer, Refresher Courses for Nurses/Midwives,

University College Hospital, Ibadan                          1988-Date


4.    Organizing and Teaching of Midwifery Students,

Catholic Hospital, Oluyoro, Ibadan                           1983-1990


5.     Lecturer to Postgraduate revision Course at National

                         Postgraduate Medical College and West African College

                         of Surgeons                                                       1992-Date


6.     External Examiner to many Medical Schools:


(a)    Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria    


(b)    University of Jos, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria                      


(c)    University of Port-Harcourt, Port-Harcourt, River State



(d)    University of Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria                      


(e)    University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria                  


(f)   1994-Date


(g)    Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State,  Nigeria        


(h)    University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria                   


(i)     University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria                             


(j)     Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Oyo State            


(k)    Lagos State University Medical School, Lagos State             


          7. Examiner, National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria    1995 -Date


          8.       Examiner, West African College of Surgeons                  1995-Date


          9.       Course Coordinator, West African College of

Surgeons Revision Courses in Obstetrics and

Gynaecology                                                   1996-Date


         10.      Course Coordinator, Revision Courses of the

                   National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria             1996-Date


          11.     Chairman, UCH Committee on –


(i)           Theatre Revolving Fund Committee


(ii)          Theatre Users Committee


(iii)         Drug Revolving Fund Committee


(iv)         Radiological Services Revolving Fund Committee


(v)          Residency Training Committee


(vi)         Residency Programme Review Committee


(vii)        MDCAN, UCH Elders Committee – this 5-Member Committee

serves advisory and mediatory roles in day-to-day harmonious relationships between the Hospital Management, Consultant Staff and Resident Doctors.


                    12.    External and Internal Assessor of candidates for promotion to

                              Professorial level:


                               Internal Assessor:


-       University of Ibadan


External Assessor:


-       University of Ilorin


-       University of Calabar


-       University of Jos


-       Ladoke Akintola University


-       Ogun State University


-       Igbinedion University


-       University of Lagos



-       Tafawa Balewa University,  Bauchi

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