Proposed Educational  Initiative for BFHS by David Tunde Lowo

Proposed Initiative to Improve Academic Standards and Resources at BFHS: From -D ---- to---- A++

A Springboard to help Birch Freeman High School Students Realize their Educational Aspirations and Goals

This will be a Test Pilot Program that can be implemented within a 3-month period.


1. Create a supplemental learning resource for students (In‐Class‐Online)
a. This will be an after school or weekend coaching program for students interested in the program.
b. The program will need the support of the school administrators, parents and students.
c. The program will focus on 2‐3 academic subjects that can be expanded in the future.
d. The program will feature online and in‐class coaching/tutoring program.
e. Strong emphasis will be towards online supplemental tutorial.

2. Development of online tutorials based on Lagos State and Nigeria’s High School curriculum
a. Development of courses using video and interactive learning materials that can be used both on‐line
and offline/in‐Class.
b. Adapt and use available supplemental online tutorials available through reputable institutions and
organizations on the internet.

3. Equipment, Materials, and Infrastructure
a. Provision of equipment and infrastructure through corporate donations and support to aid learning
b. Expand and improve the library of the school by adapting traditional and modern methodologies in
providing materials for the school library. (Library materials can be books, Audio/Video Materials,
and e‐books on tablets).

4. Administrative and running of the program
a. Volunteer program from Teachers, Corporations, Businesses and Individuals.
b. Virtual Mentors/mentoring program from the Alumni worldwide.

5. Measurement/Assessment of the program
a. Determine methodology to measure the success/failure of the program.
b. Determine the length of the program.
c. Determine Class/Grade Level of the students that can access the program (JSS, SS).
d. Determine the subject matter that needs improvement.
e. Determine subjects that can benefit from in‐class or online tutoring.

6. Dates, Hours and Locations of the program
a. Determine the number of hours that can be committed to the program.
b. Determine whether program will be at the school premises or off premises.
c. Determine whether a 3rd party will be involved in implementing the program.

7. Partnership/Institutions
a. Identify corporations to solicit assistance from.
b. Identify educational institutions that can provide learning materials.
c. Identify and liaise with dedicated old boys that can, on behalf of program owners oversee program
success locally.

8. Professional Development and Coaching
a. Train the Trainer Program
b. Help teachers and mentors that want to improve their skills on methods to access available resource
in fulfilling their goals.

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