We need to identify with successes of an alumni of great school, Lagos State Governor, HE Raji Fashola. I would propose that BIFOBA holds a reception for him on his re-election. He has being a worthy ambassador of the school.

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  • What a great idea to hold a reception for Fashola. Do you want the reception to take place in Lagos or in Diaspora?  Fashola deserves some form of reception indeed. It will be a great idea to host it on the school premise provided we have good power supply and dance the night away. Unfortunately the erratic NEPA will not afford us that luxury. In this respect, it will be great if you Mr. OTOH will support  this endeavor of making an initial substantial donation towards the proposed SOLAR POWER PROJECT THAT BIFOBA IS PROPOSING. Maybe you can assist us by getting a sizeable donation from your company to help with this laudable project.  What a welcome relief that will be if the SOLAR POWER IS UP AND RUNNING and we have Fashola in our presence to compliment his efforts of giving us a NEW SCHOOL BUILDING COUPLED WITH RENEWABLE AND SUSTAINABLE POWER SUPPLY FROM OLD BOYS OF BFHS.   That RECEPTION WILL DEFINITELY  BE THE TALK OF LAGOS EVEN IN NIGERIA.  BIRCH FREEMAN HIGH SCHOOL OLD BOYS HOSTED FASHOLA IN A RECEPTION POWERED BY SOLAR POWER NO NEPA NEEDED TO SHOW UP. You can make your donation online through the PAYPAL on the main webpage. 

    It will also be great if you contact all your old classmates to join you and make sizeable donations towards the project and invite everyone to join us on the school premise for  HOSTING A RECEPTION FOR FASHOLA.   ITS A BLESSING TO GIVE BACK AND SUPPORT YOUR ALMA MATER.

    You can see all the details of the project on the website, or contact me if you need more info.

    Thanks.   ALLI OSENI(75)

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