How much is really too MUCH?

Considering all the benefits derived as a student in that great school of ours, I simply ask - How much is really too MUCH to donate.

The answer is simple - 'NO AMOUNT'. As FREEMEN, our characters were formed in line with service to humanity as emphasized in our motto - 'Trained For DUTY and for THEE'.

Hence we must ensure that little efforts are exerted by the Executive members in trying to convince members to support ALL the programs and projects that are needed to transform the school into the pride of Nigeria.

YES I am sure we can...

How much is really too MUCH?

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  • Unless we rise-up and take up our responsibility no one will do things for us. Unless we change the direction of things in future, who will? Yes the past is not that pleasant. Yes so much has gone wrong, however when do we start taking responsibility? The future is in our hands. Our children will do better is we pass on the baton of hope and courage to them.

    We are now the leaders of our generation. Let us not be quiet, let us do that little thing we can. We know we can. Let us do it. Let us do our little contribution at the right time. That is what makes the difference between great and small nations. Great Nations are built by contribution from so many. Let us show we are a responsible generation. The generation who is ready to forget the past wrong and move to a new era. One filled with hope and joy for the next generation. May GOD ALMIGHTY bless all freemen. May GOD Bless BIFOBA. May GOD Bless all the executives of BIFOBA.

  • $25,000= 200 people at $125
    $25,000 = 250 people at $100
    $25,000 = 500 people at $50
    $25,000 = 1000 people at $25
    Our target is not too high. Let us act now and act fast. Thank You all.
  • I agree with you. Let us ask not what BIFOBA can do for us. Let us ask what we can do for BIFOBA. Let us do what we can. A little donation will go a long way. There is enough transparency in the activities of BIFOBA. Donations, membership fees and financial statements are published. We need to do more. Please let us support and let us give cheerfully. Let us uphold the name of our school, let us make sure our dignity is protected. Let us have children that will be born years to come pray for us even when we are gone. May GOD bless us all. Amen.

  • It's time for actions, enough of rhetorics! BIFOBA wants actions from us all: generous contributions from alumni across the globe to get our major projects done. We all need to be proof of our school's motto: Trained for Duty and for Thee.

    Please enough of talk, talk!

  • I TOTALLY Agree with you Bro. Obiorah

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