• As you suggested over three years ago, Shola, if we couldn't have BIFOBA's office in the new building (now getting old though), we probably should be able to have it in the school's auditorium currently under construction.
  • Good Information Mr. Van Lare.

  • Good day all , I wish someone had gotten in touch with me when this blog was going on.  I wrote the constitution in 2000 and I  can explain every line item. Also I was then President

    1.  Anyone can vote even if you just graduated last year so far as you are a due paying member so 20003 and even  2011 can vote. However  to  vote at elections you also must have attended 4 meetings, you have to know who you are voting for and also to prevent "hired" membership for election purposes this proviso was put in.

    Our association has gone global and I am also working on a frame work for a new constiution to be debated later so those abroad can participate as absentee ballot on National Elections so far as they meet certain conditions and also Presidents of Chapters to have roles to play at National Exco level.


    2.  The constiution only said you must have left school 10 years for you to compete for a National office , this is because you are being encouraged to go to the University and graduate , get a job and settle down in life before taking on the rigours of volunteer service that National Exco office demands.


    The constitution does provide roles for younger sets by them having representation at the Board of Trustees. The board of trustees was recently inaugurated to provide checks and balances to all Exco , National or Chapter. I recently sent National Exco a request  for them to elect  three members from the membership to join B.O.T as non permanent members as the constitution stated, this way all groups are involved.  The criteria sent to  National Exco  for non permanent B.O.T  members are:


    1 member from the 1971-1980 set

    1 member from the 1981-1990 set

    1 member from the 1991-2002 set

    2003 to 2011 were left out because of the 10 year requirement to be involved at National level. They will qualifiy in 2014 when the non permanent status of those elected expire.


    Suggestions and complaints can be sent to  (all complaints are kept confidential) and  B.O.T will get in touch with the Exco involved in the Complaint whether national or chapter.  I do agree an office for BIFOBA should be in the new school building for various reasons I will list on a document I am working on,  to be discussed at North America convention and General Meeting is Lagos


    Best Regards

    Francis Van-Lare

    Chairman Board of Trustees

  • Your words are noted sir.
  • Young Man,

    Executive office has nothing much to do with your personal financial state, but your leadership skills. I want you to get in touch with Feyi Diyon (vice president, school affairs), as I suggested to you before, for guidance and advice on what your group is planning to do, and with Kingsley Essien (vice president government affairs) for clarification of article 5.3(a)(b)(c). That's -  what does it take for you guys to have the right vote? Please get back to me. Both executives are on Bifoba website.

    Thank you!

  • Dear Sir,I really appreciate your encouragement towards my suggestions.I personally do not think am ready to be BIFOBA executive right now mainly because of the Financial state that i am,but i aspire to be one maybe later in the future when God has planted me in an influential position.If i may be an executive at all i prefer stating as a group executive with my fellow graduating set.I believe with us starting like these will prepare us for being an executive in the Main Bifoba later in the Future.What i want the BIFOBA to do is to recognize our group which is known as BIFOBA03/04.All the executive we chose in these group were chosen according to the constitution of BIFOBA and our vision is to prepare our self for the Future BIFOBA.We are ready to give records of whatever we do in the group to the Main BIFOBA and also we are ready to take instructions from the BIFOBA.
  • Olumide,

    I agree with you 100 percent. The idea that an alumni cannot vie for any elective executive position until ten years post graduation from the school does not make much sense truly, as you reasoned. With your strong argument, (and thanks for that) you've proved that age does not necessarily mean competency, or wisdom, for leadership.

    Article 5.3 mentions three areas a member must fulfill to have the right to vote and be voted for.

    The question is: Does that mean that those young men of 2003/2004 set can still not be able to vote even after attending at least two general meetings in the fiscal year, after attending at least two of the association's general meetings prior to meeting when the election is being held (as stipulated in the constitution), and after  paying their annual dues in fulfilling their financial obligation, just all because they've not spent up to ten years post graduation from the school? If that's the case, then the constitution is beyond absurd. That article 5.3(a)(b)(c) has to be clarified for those young men.

    And it makes sense too, as suggested by Olumide, that 5 years post graduation should be good enough for a member to contest for any elective position, probably, except the office of the presidency. But ten years post graduation as a condition to vie for an elective executive position is kind of out-of-the-way requirement.

  • Foras much as I do not agree with article 5.3(a), I will strongly agree with you that the young men should actively participate in the association's activities and possibly push a motion to change the said article. 5years post graduation is an average of 21-22years old and possibly with a university degree. There are many people that graduated a hundred years ago that are not as committed or have enough common sense as these young men. For us to be working under a constitution with this requirement is so colonial. Many people feel that Fashola was too young, can you compare him with any past governor of Lagos of our time; the Chairman of First bank just turned 50, a product of EKO boys, I think '78. and his predecessor who is now the central bank chief graduated Kings College - '77.  

    Now you have challenged me to study the constitution. Well the class of '04, I am with you, you must change the status quo, change is a natural phenomenon and this is your time.  

  • Olumide,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement for the young man Mr. Salamade. But the young man and his buddies are not qualified yet to context for any executive office; read section 5.3 (a) below. Sometime last week, I told him the same until I read the constitution. Though I have discussed this at length with him and his buddies through emails, they need to actively involve in the affairs of Bifoba at the national level and consistently fulfilling their financial obligations to be bonafide members of  OBA. At least, they would secure their right to vote for candidates of their choice. 

    5.3 Have the right to vote and be voted for, provided that:

    a. Only members who must have spent not less than ten (10) years post graduation from the school shall have the right to vie for the Association‟s National Executive offices.

    b. Only members who must have attended at least two General meetings of the Association in the fiscal year shall have the right to vie for the Association‟s National offices.

    c. For a bonafide member to vote, he must have attended at least two (2) of the Association‟s general meetings prior to the meeting when the election is being held. Such prior attendance must be in the same FISCAL year of the Election.

    Well, Thanks!

  • Mr. Salamade, I love your enthusiasm, that is the way to go; and I can see that you will be a great tool for the next generation. I will suggest that you get more involved with the association by working with members of the executive council, better still contest in the next election. I pray that God will continue to guide you and give you strength; because I know that you were "Trained for duty and for Thee".
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