I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to a 2013 with serious commitments from all stake holders to focus more on the student life, studying environment (especially junior school) .

Nothing wrong in aiming at a bigger project but let's not forget the little things. For all leaders from set captain /chairman, Chapter Executive and National Executive, Accountability , Transparency , Rule of Law and accommodation of dissenting views should be imbibed in our management culture unless they want only their cheerleaders in the association and men of timber and caliber Siddon look.

So many retired professionals amongst the old boys and they should be engaged in such a way that the kids in sFchool will benefit from their professional experience when they make career decision.

Informed communication is key so that there will be enthusiasm to serve, For those in power ,remember Power is transient and should not be used as an an avenue to disrespect the training imbibed in us to respect our seniors even though we all wear trousers and outsiders cannot tell a junior from a senior .

If the culture of respect is not upheld no matter our differences we are heading to doom ,

Enjoy your holidays

Note: The school library need books of all subjects . I will gladly ship donated books to the school for free through any of my USA offices or London England Office . if you have books to donate email me at fvanlare@vanlare.com and I will provide address to send books to based on your location.

Same donation goes for new or used laptops for the teachers and library. i am working with MTN to install a wireless cloud in the new building , the first phase has been completed in the ICT room and it will be nice if the teachers have laptops and the students have access to laptops in the library for research.

30 Laptops needed for teachers and 10 for Library.. two laser jet printers also needed.

The chemistry class will soon be available online for students and other classes will soon follow .

This is just my suggestion not compulsory for BIFOBA and no branch or national exco powers is intended to be usurped since I am working with different donors .

Two old boys with IT background are acting as permanent consultants to over see the IT Cloud infrastructure . Again if you have books or laptop to donate it is free shipping

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