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  • UK Chapter Elected Pioneer Executives



    UK Chapter President: Tony Atiba

    Dear BIFOBA Members (Worldwide),

    Today brings good news.

    BIFOBA, UK Chapter recently concluded a successful election and the following officers were elected to run the affairs of the chapter for a 2-year tenure.

    Please join in congratulating the new executives as we wish them a fruitful tenure.

    President: Tony Atiba

    Vice President: Tola Momoh

    General Secretary: Abiola Olaifa

    Asst. Gen. Secretary: Rotimi Dada

    Financial Secretary: Aderemi Bademosi

    Treasurer: Michael Gbemi Fadu

    Publicity Secretary: Jude De-lima

    Thank you for all your support.

    Up School!

  • Congratulations guys we cracked it real big. Together we can achieve great things in Peace and Unity.
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    UK Chapter organizes a Thanksgiving Church Service in celebration of BFHS' 57th Anniversary


    Date: Sunday, February 5, 2017

    Place: St Mary's Magdalene Church, Peckham SE15, 2EA, London

    Time: 4:00pm

    All alumni in Uk are expected to attend the church service

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  • UK Chapter Celebrates 2015 Xmas


    UK Chapter's Alumni

    Alumni in the UK celebrated, with their friends and families, the joys of 2015 Xmas. It was a gorgeous gathering of freemen in London, and with old boys proudly displaying their school ties adorned the already grandeur occasion.

    Up UK Chapter!

  • Thanks Mr Lowo it's a pleasure and thanks for your contribution to our media delivery in collaboration with Mr Foluso Adeyemi. Also a Big thank you for your contribution in the design of our latest T-Shirts and Caps. We have your design and plan to us it.

    To Mr Okoturo (Daniel.O or Danny. O), Mr Wole Sodipo (BIFOBA UK), Mr Abiola Olaifa and Mr Herbert Eke a Big thank you for all your contribution in bringing BIFOBA UK to a fantastic place in history. May GOD Almighty Bless you all. Amen.

  • The Global President is around.

    President Feyi Dinyo is around and can be reached on 07950 676828

  • Thank You All and watch Update on BEN-TV today 5pm

    A BIG thank you to all our hard working Executive members who put in personal time and effort into the Building of UK Chapter. Pleased to see people devote their personal time for the interest of others.


    Thanks for all your supports to-date. Please note that BIFOBA UK is open to all UK members and we welcome you all this coming weekend. Come and meet us this coming weekend. For more information about the event please watch out for updates of BEN-TV.

    This is to inform you that NSSFF will be appearing on Chris Obukwelu's ABC Sports live show on BEN-TV (Sky Channel 182) today, Saturday 17 August at 5.00pm. NSSFF has been given a few minutes to plug their upcoming event. Please watch out for it!
    As the countdown begins, please spread the word. Wishing us all a fantastic event.


    1. BIFOBA Polo T-Shirts £20
    2. BIFOBA Round Neck T-Shirts £10 Mostly for Children
    3. BIFOBA Caps £10
    You can also Buy our merchandise in support of your School for Friends and Family members. 
    Barclays Bank. Birch Freeman High School Old Boys Association UK (BIFOBA UK)
    Account : 83760456,  sort code: 20:48:08
    Payment for T-Shirts Can be made to the above account and Send Text or Call 07956921508 to confirm payment. Also you can email to inform us of any payment. Please use your name as reference if paying with your Company account so we know who is supporting us. 
    Up School!
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Let's gear up for this years NSSFF Carnival weekend taking place on the 24th of August 2013. The event is designed for Nigerian Schools old boys and girls and their family to have a fun filled day.  More details to be communicated shortly.                           Up BIFOBA                           Up School.

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