Students called accused at one time or the other by Baba Oloye

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  • Ras T, kindly inform Toksy B that I miss his jibes and vibes on Ofege, Float and Grandmaster Flash. Those good old days when we used to rehearse songs in Form 3c together with Segun Oduntan on drums (class tables).   Toksy B the snake killer. Can you recollect that episode on the corridors of Woodwork/ Art Block? I stand ACCUSSED alongside Toks, Fash, Segelu & Emilo John (Kehinde Ajibolade. Vintage Fash is on its way to the bookstand before the end of the year. Watch Out!!!  

  • Thanks for the invitation Mr Ras David Tunde Lowo (SAL).

    Yes I remember Baba Oloye, I was not that notorious to catch his attention in those days. However, I had some Prefects who used to protect me or should I say have mercy when I got in trouble and two of them were the Osinowo twines. I still remember serving punishment in their class one morning and they let me off after talking to the Prefect who asked me to kneel in front of their class. When we used to scale the school fence to get into the school after arriving late in school (late comers) and been matched to the assembly hall for our punishment. Some of us used to escape from the line while the Prefects will give a chase. I later became the Chapel Prefect in my final year. I was in the SU (Scripture Union).

    Baba Oloye was dealing with bigger fishes, in those days.

  • Funmilayo Olaniyi Emmanuel may God bless you. Your father served the school with all his might! Could you please update us about our dear Baba Oloye ( your father).

  • Thank God Lado finally engraved his name on the ACCUSed's list! I am sure Baba Oloye will be very proud of you!
    I still believe we would have beaten the likes of Igbobi, Fimbarrs, Gregs, Baptist Academy etc with Baba Oloye in old team. He would have bullied and intimidated the opposition.
    Who was the biggest 'Accused' of all times?
  • Taiwo, you'll be glad to see that I finally joined up as requested. You guys are so funny. Baba Oloye playing for the school? The man was probably in his 50's at the time. Yes he had big yam tubers for calves, but if he attempted playing football at that time, he would have died. If he's alive now, he must be at least 85 years old. His son (an exact copy) was called Funlayo or something like that.

    Seriously though, does anyone remember Omo (Mr Umoh) the nightwatchman?

    If you were in Birch at the same time as Baba Oloye and Omo and were never called "AKOOSE" or chased by Omo from the football pitch after prep, then you must have been a phantom. Even very good boys like Tunde Joda had their moments. Boys (or shall I say men) like Clegg must have experienced that everyday. He (Clegg) was like New York. He liked school so much he stayed in each year twice. Maybe he loved Baba Oloye. He looked like him in a way.

    Pappy Oloye was a legend
  • Ladi Lapite should please join this group now that he likes it! I am sure he has got a lot to contribute to Baba Oloye’s memories.
  • It will be nice if you can post Baba Oloye’s picture for refreshment of our memories. Anybody with Baba Oloye’s picture?
  • Baba Oloye retired about the time we left and James (Jamishee) took over. He would be probably be in his eighties now.
  • If Birch Freeman was like those football mercenary schools of those days, Baba Oloyo could have played for us at the centre back with his big yam lol! He could have played along the likes of Faka Ololo and Oyobio. May be we would have won the Principal’s Cup lol.
  • @ Foluso, If I remember clearly there were more accused in the 75 and 76 sets. I think our 77 set were more gentle with Baba Oloye. Daco and Falola were accused too. Yes I do remember his 'kembe' big khaki short and do not forget Baba Oloye has got big and powerful yams (claves). So he could sprint in his earlier years after any accused. He had a changing room in his precious motor storeroom. I could recollect to have seen him in other garments (native dress). He would change first thing first before starting his duties.
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Not sure I belong to this group,but I cant but stand by my good old chums; Lowo, Adeduro,Soje,,Igonobe,Odokara,Pedro and Jide Jaiyesinmi. I will leave it to you guys to vote, 'the Chief ACCUS'. Fashola,once accused me publicly as one. He was quick in adding himself though. Let's have your votes guys

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