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  • Hi

    Hope you are part of UK chapter? i will like to talk to you my # 770-369-3167

  • Dear Alex, you are looking good. Nice to connect with you. Please visit our UK home page and catch-up with our latest activities. You are very welcome with your family to join us in the spirit on one BIFOBA and let us celebrate or common interest. May GOD bless you.

  • Dear Mr Akhigbemen, it would be a pleasure to see you at our next meeting. Please join us at the UK chapter and let us make this a great Chapter of our beloved BIFOBA. 22nd of April 2012 at the Emukay is a date for your diary. Please come join us. GOD bless you as you come. Regards Theo

  • Gentleman Alex....thank God for this site...keep in touch, pls.
  • Hello Akhigbemen,

    This is just to say - thank you very much for posting your membership photo. You are truly a wonderful alumnus of our great alma mater.

    Blessings to you and your household!
  • Dear Alex,

    Please don't forget to upload your photo and post it wuth your name. This is very important. A name with a face is a lot more meaningful.

    And with the info provuded you, bifoba hopes you will connect back to your old buddy Akan.

  • Hello Alex,

    I can see that you are trying to connect back to your old high school pal Akan Udoh. Akan is one of the event managers for the 50th anniversary of our alma mater.

    You can reach him at or, or you can call him at 80-2308-4396
  • Hi Alex
    Long years this is Niyi Fagbamiye,how are you doing?
  • Alex,

    What's up!

    Bifoba is as excited as you for joining the growing alumni association of your great school. You are welcome on board of bifoba.

    As bifoba is growing with an excited alumni like you, the condition of bifoba with regared to its ability to save its alma mater from its present state of its decadent paralysis is beginning to be strong.

    As you may have noticed, bifoba offers good benefits and great funs to its members, but also wants its members to sincerely participate and involve in its noble course of not only to save its alma mater from becoming history, but also to make it one of the best in Nigeria. Making our school one of the best, if not the best in Nigeria, is a course we must all work together to achieve.

    As you may have seen on the website, bifoba, North America, is collecting contributions for the "prize giving" part of the 50th anniversary of our school (Have you checked out the program of events posted?). Your contribution will be appreciated.

    Please spread the news of the alumni association to all graduates of BFHS you know and encourage them to join.

    Thank you and God's blessings!

    Before I forget, please upload your photo to your page; it's always good to place a face to your name.
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