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  • Hello Ayebo,

    Good day to you in nation's capital! And thank you very much for joining the family of the alumni association of your great school; you are welcome on board bifoba.

    As you can see, our dear school is coming alive again. This is made possible through the relentless efforts of bifoba and its leadership. Bifoba is working hard to restore back the good name of our alma mater. To accomplish this noble goal, all alumni across the globe must work together, participate in bifoba activities, and contribute to the noble course. Bifoba hopes you would do your part.

    Please help bifoba to continue to grow by telling all those you know who graduated from BFHS about the association and encourage them to come on board and connect back to their old school buddies, renew their friendships, make new ones, and help to expand the networks of our great alumni association.

    Please don't forget to post your home-page photo; this is part of the membeship registration requirements.

    Thank you, and greetings to your family!
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