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  • Mr. Adebowale,

    Good morning  sir.  How's everything going with you and the family?  Thank you for everything you did at the Reunion, I am very grateful.


    Wassup Barry

    How is the family? We are all fine in UK here too. Do you still keep in touch with Odokara and David? I wonder where they are now.



    Yinka Oduwole


  • Barry we miss you as a family. Well i'll see you in Maryland. Have a great summer 
  • Barry we miss you this year, and i know that you were aware of bifoba's met day . well keeping you in formed, the next meeting is at your back door , MARYLAND.


  • Are you sure you know me??? Long time! How's life in Jersey? Greetings to the family.
  • Hello Barry,

    How are you and your wonderful family? I hope everything is well with everybody. You have been very quiet for a while now, and you did not join the executives' meeting yesterday, which's very unusual of you. I will try and call you later today. I was excited to see that you've updated your profile on the web ; that's good. Express my greetings to your family. I talk you you later.

    Stay fit and warm!
  • Hello Barry,

    Good day to you and your family!

    Oh Yes! at last, you came on board. Because you've been quiet for a while now, a few people have been asking of you. I hope everything is well with you; I believe you've been so busy raking in all the dollars. Once again, thank you for coming on board the Web at last.

    Barry, again, thank you very much for your message regarding my accident. It is pleasant hearing from you during this period. Thank you very much for your concern.

    How's the snow treating you? I know we are all on the east coast; last weekend, we had about 30inches of snow, plus another 10 to 12inches we are just experiencing now, have made moving around almost impossible: the house owner should stay at home.

    And please don't forget to post your photo with your name; this is part of bifoba requests for membership registration on the Web site.

    My compliments to you and your famiy!
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