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  • I give you this gift today. Let us give a gift to our School. Let us come together and do what we can. Tiny drops of water makes an ocean. Never think your gift is too small. May GOD Bless you.
  • Dear Tunde, thank you for the ribbon. How are you doing? Hope you are ok? Abuja is too superficial for lively guys like you and I. My guy, I miss the Lagos life, jaare. Please watch out for my next book titled: Vintage Fash (Trained For Duty and For Thee). Remember our table-tennis days in school, set, pinching of jollof rice? I've exposed you ooooooo! Regards. Joseph Ojo.
  • Dear Tunde Solarin, how are you doing? Its nice linking up with you again after so many years. Please keep in touch. It's me, 'assignment soccer' Joseph Ojo, 77/78 set 
  • Hello Tunde,

    Good day to you and your family. The information below is how you can contribute towards the Solar Power Project:

    Zenith Bank Plc
    Account Name :Birch Freeman High School Old Boys' Association
    Acount Number:6010413827
    Address: 24, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos State.

    Payments can be made at any branch of Zenith Bank nationwide. Please note your name and designate on the teller ticket that the payment is for "Solar Power Project." Please immediately advise Mr. Feyi Diyon (Vice-president, school affairs) after every payment by phone: 080-3402-9800; or by email:


    Thank you, and glory to you!

  • Hello Babatunde,

    Thanks for your message. My number and address are on the main page as the Treasurer of BIFOBA NA.  My email address is AOSENI@MSN.COM.  We will surely appreciate all the help you can give towards the Solar Power Project. The information to make a donation is also on the web. You can make a payment at any Zenith Bank. The account number is there also. You only need to mark it that it is for "Solar Power Project" and contact Feyi Dinyo with the info.  I look forward to be hearing from you soon.  Regards, ALLI OSENI(75)




  • Red Ribbon
  • Dear Great Alumnus Emmanuel,

    Thank you very much for your very generous offer towards the "solar power" project for the school" Mr. Alli Oseni will soon get in touch with you in connection to bifoba contact alumnus in Nigeria for the project.

    With continued support of a great alumnus like you, our great alumni association will be able to offer support in creating an excellent educational opportunity for current and future students of our great school, even long after our lifetime.

    If you can forward your tel. number to Mr. Alli Oseni or me, that would be great.

    Blessings to you and your household!

  • Emmanuel,

    Thank you very much for your warm comments and words of encouragements. We are all doing it togetther, and we still have a long way to go. May His Almighty God continue to give us His support, His knowledge, and His understanding in our efforts to renew ourselves and the name and glory of our alma mater.

    Thank you my brother!
  • Hello Emmanuel,

    Thank you very much for your added photo.

    To comply with the posting of your membership photo requirement, you need to replace the "green image" on your page with your photo. You can post this same photo on "my album"; that would replace the green image with your photo.

    Thank you so much for your cooperation, and blessings to you and you family.

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