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  • thank you sir...really grateful to you. I have benefitted imensely from all your generous advice
  • Aluks! Long time no see. I've got your messages and will call you today.
  • Bolaji,

    You can email Ladi directly, in steady of you dropping a message for him on his page. If he does not come on bifoba, he would not see your message.

    To email him directly, go to his page and click "send a message"; that will take you to his direct email page, then drop your message and click send. Remember to indicate your subject though.

  • Hello Bolaji,

    Oh yes! I was a member of '75 set, 5B. Like you said, I myself couldn't recognize most faces of 75 set again, except a few. How I wish I were Ladi Lapite; he knows and recognizes almost everybody of 75 set. What a sound memory! 

    For the graduate set of 75, I easily recognized those that we "hang out" together during that time. I too can faintly recognize your face again, but your name I still strongly remember. We've all changed. But Glory be to God for His merciful on us all.

    Anyway, great to see your face again; we are likely to meet when you come to Yankee. If you see Alli, you can get to me.


  • Hello Bolaji,

    Thanks for ther reply. Yes I am based in Maryland. Even Feyi was here this past March for about a week. If you make it down again to MD,  give me a call at 301-613-7484, we will surely get together. Hope you're doing well as well as the family. It's really nice to see that each and everyone of us is doing well. We need to help support the school to the best of our ability and help the young ones to maximize their potentials. Looking forward to be hearing from you soon. Regards, ALLI OSENI(75).

  • Hello Bolaji,

    This is Foluso Adeyemi (75) throwing a salute to you.

    How's life in Eko ile? Eko akete, ile ogbon; Eko dara o dun o gbongbon: Eko o ni baje o! Bolaji, you are welcome on board the "alumni connections."

    As you can see, Birch Freeman is being rehabilitated after years of neglect. Thanks to Gov. Tunde Fashola, the great leadership of bifoba national executives (Feyi Dinyo, Ini Essien, Paul Adams, and others), and other little supports from alumni in abroad. Guys like you should join the efforts to renew the good name and reputation of Birch Freeman.

    Currently, bifoba is raising funds to built 5000 watts of solar power at Birch Freeman to offset consistent, almost everyday, power outages at the school. This is one of the steps the alumni association is taking to build a "legacy of educational excellence " for BFHS. (Please see the attached.) Bifoba trusts you would do your little part.

    Please tell all alumni you know about bifoba and encourage them to come on board the "alumni connections" and reconnect their old school friends, renew their friendships, make new acquaintances, and network with other wonderful alumni across the globe.

    But as Alli asked, why most of you dey wear "Baba Alaye' kind of hat in Naija now? Is it because of the Naija sun, or just to cover that bald head?

    Thank you, and - blessings!


  • All of una 75 boys just dey troway hats to cova una head  from the sun. Wetin dey she le ke? !!!!!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so is Paul Adams too. O.k. una dey enjoy o...........

    Bolaji how dey go do go? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    I know you did not forget your man that always give you the extra eba and efo during lunchtime....This is ALLI OSENI. How have you being doing ? Fine and well as I can see. Thanks for joining the old boys of BIFOBA. We need all hands on deck to help elevate the school to a new height. Tokunbo Laguda is here in US. So are other boys as well. Browse the members list and see those that you saw last since 75. Welcome aboard. ALLI OSENI(75)

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