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  • Thank's for your great sense of leadership on your pledge. I pray that God Almighty will bless you beyond your imagination, your cup shall overflow. I am now fired up more than ever. Let's go raise $25,000!


  • old boy long time how is life and the family,happy to hear about you from folusho adeyemi
  • Thanks for compliment. My family is doing well and I hope yours are too.
  • Thanks for the gift and that for what you are doing.
  • Morgy, good to see you and thanks for the gift and photo comments. You look very dapper, but you were always neat so its no surprise. keep up the good work you're doing with the old boys association. Kuyinu and I have definitely changed although I always tell him that I still look younger than him. How's the family? I spoke to Segun Sholola earlier this evening.
  • Thanks for always being you.
  • Morgy long time, you look very well. How is Ronto ?
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