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  • I give you this gift today. Let us give a gift to our School. Let us come together and do what we can. Tiny drops of water makes an ocean. Never think your gift is too small. May GOD Bless you.
  • Sir,

    I am now in Atlanta. I understand you are heading out to Nigeria.

  • Red Ribbon
  • Mr. Van-Lare,

    Thank you very much for having me as your friend. This is a token gift for you for your friendship.

    Thank you!
  • Mr. Van-Lare,

    I'm profoundly sorry for my mistake. Truly, na double jeopardy. As the president now, we need money from you. Na you we dey look up to now.

    My compliments to you!
  • Mr. Van-Lare,

    Good day! And compliment of the season to you and your family!

    Though you are the national president of bifoba, but since you are currently living in North America, the North American chapter of bifoba still considers you a member of the branch.

    As you may be aware, members of the chapter are contributing $250:00 each towards the "prize giving" part of the 50th anniversary of the school. You can make your contribution through "paypal" on the website and call Mr. Alli Oseni at 301-613-7484 and inform him of your payment so that he can credit it to your name. For information about alternative payment methods, please call Mr. Alli Oseni.

    Since the chapter is planning to send the total amount collected to the national association by the end of the week, all contributions must be received this week. Thank you very much for your understanding.

  • Mr. Van-Lare,

    Bifoba welcomes you. Bifoba is very happy that you've joined a fast growing alumni of a great school.

    You are welcome on board.
  • Thank you Mr. Van-Lare for coming on board. Please see if you can reach Dr. Akinfedarin today. ALLI OSENI (75)
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