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  • where r u young man? holla me ooooo
  • Dear Mr. Thompson,

    Thank you very much for joining bifoba: the growing alumni association of your great school; you are welcome on board.

    As you might have noticed, since bifoba has been serious about the decadent state of our alma mater, the condtion of our school has been improving and its lost glory has been gradually coming back. But, we the alumni still have a lot to do to fully restore back the good name of our dear school.

    As a member, bifoba will be looking forward to your continuing supports and participations in all its future activities to make our great alma mater shine again and to create an atmosphere of cordial relationships and professional interactions amongst its alumni.

    Please, Mr. Thompson, tell all your friends who graduated from BFHS about the association and encourage them to come on board. As bifoba grows in numbers, the stronger it becomes in accomplishing its noble goals for our dear school and its memberships.

    Thank you so much for being part of bifoba.
  • Hello Mr. Thompson, it is great to have you on board.
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