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  • I would like to express my gratitude for all the support extended to me and my family on d passage of my father, especially from the north america chapter  and biggest warmest appreciation to the atlanta bifoba group  for their extraordinary support. My love to u all. thannks

  • pls how his ayo oyekan and gbangbopa,akinfemiwa and co have u heard from them
  • Top of the day to you sir, can you kindly foward your brother Ayo's Tel. no to me or kindly tell him to contact me at haven't heard from him in years.
  • Greetings! Are you related to Elutunde Elutilo - black jesus? Where is he now? Do encourage him to come on board.
  • Red Ribbon
  • Kayode,

    Thank you very much for your contribution. If we are determined, we can make our school greater than ever before.

    May the blessings of God be with us all.
  • Thanks, I have send donation yesterday by credit card. looking forward to the next meeting
  • Kayode,

    Welcome to bifoba. It is very pleasant to see your name in the growing alumni of a great school.

    As you can see from the posted video, our school is in the state of decandent paralysis, and together we must salvage it. Since you are a member of the North American chapter of the bifoba, it is very important to let you know that members of the chapter are contributing a minimum of $250:00 each to support the "prize giving" part of the up coming 50th anniversary of the school in February next year. But any amount is appreciated. You can pay through the "paypal" on the website, or you can call AlliOseni at 301-613-7484, or email him to for information on the alternative payment methods. All contributions should be received as soon as possible.

    The chapter has a group email listings of the old boys. For your name to be included in the listings, please post your email address at your school web page, or email it to

    Also, the chapter holds quarterly meeting to discuss the state of our school and what roles the chapter should play in the struggle to save the school. The next meeting is the second week in January 2010. You can go the document section of the website and read the minutes of the last two meetings of the chapter. This would give you an insight or a glimpse of what roles North American chapter is planing to play in the struggle to save salvage the school. If the chapter has your email address, you can be receiving correspondence directly.

    Together we must make our school shining again.

    Once again, welcome on board.
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