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  • How is it going Niyi? Your friendship offer is accepted. I trust we can communicate at the chat room as well as thru phone calls. We will be spending quite some time communicating with each other so if you have any other free communication means suck as SKYPE, VIBER,FACETIME, you may need to activate them so we can constantly be in touch even when we are on the go as is obtainable with Theo of the Uk chapter.
  • Dear Mr Fagbamiye, I am pleased to connect with you and a big thank you for accepting my request to connect. congratulations on your new role. Please visit our UK home page and catch-up with our latest activities. You are very welcome with your family to join us in the spirit on one BIFOBA and let us celebrate our common interest. May GOD bless you. Hope to talk to you soon.

  • Thans a lot and God Bless.
  • Thanks a lot for your comment.

    My numbers are +2348060128261,+2348023184080, my email is and my BB pin  is 22EC56F9.

    As per coming to the US,still very busy @ work.I should be there before my visa expires late 2012 so that i dont face the wrath of the US embassy for not using there precious visa by denying me next time i apply.

    Regards to your family.

  • long last, I found you! howz mum ( my favorite teacher) doing? Keep in touch, brother.
  • Niyi, how are you doing? I am kicking strong in Naija. Regards to the family. Ide
  • My wife  and I will be in the U.S on three weeks vacation.We will be in pennsylvania,hope to link up with old boys in the state. 

  • Hi Niyi,saw you last,when you were at YabaTech.Regards to your family.
  • Up school.
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