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  • My dear senior, how are you doing? Nice to see you again. You still look sports inclined. I'll tell Bash Ali. Regds. Joseph Ojo, 77/78 set.
  • Residing in Houston from 2000 to date. Will give you a call. Stay blessed.

  • Odion.....let me have your phone no pls. Regards to your family.
  • Hi
    That was Eric Achuba and i was in 1976 set. There are only two Eric with Paul Toun-SP set and 1976/77. I pretty much still remember your face from a distance as one the seniors ahead. Great seeing your family pix.
    Eric Oguoma-Richards
  • 1978 Set.
  • Long time,how's life my # 404-545-1043 ,404-755-1005. I'll call u later.
  • Hello Odion,

    Good Day!

    You can upload that passport photo and post it on "My photo" as your page photo.

  • Hello Dr. Ojo,

    Good Day! And thank you very much for joining the growing alumni association of your great school; you are welcome on board bifoba.

    Recently, our dear school was in a state of decadent paralysis: nothing at BFHS was functioning again - It was in comatose. In order to resuscitate our dying alma mater, the old boys sprang to action to salvage our dear school. Since then, a lot has been accomplished, but our dear school is not yet out of the wood. For this reason, your coming on board is another blessing.

    Now that you have come on board, bifoba will be looking forward to your continuing supports and participations in all its programs and activities not only to make our dear school shine again, but also to make it one of the best high schools in Nigeria. This is the goal of bifoba, and together we can accomplish it.

    As your friend told you about the growing alumni association of our dear school, you too look for and tell all your friends who graduated from our dear school about the association and encourage them to join.

    Since you are living in Houston, you are part of the NA chapter of bifoba. The chapter meets quarterly to discuss the state of our school and the next course of action. The chapter will be looking forward to see you joining the meeting in April: Reminder notice and the agenda for the meeting will be forwarded to you before then.

    Please don't forget to post your photo with your name: a name with a face is more meaningful

    Once again, thank you for joining bifoba.

    And compliments to you and your family!
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