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  • Dear Mr. Seyi,

    Thank you very much for your sense of appreciation and your offer of friendship, and I'm accepting it in the spirit of friendship with which you offered it.

    I'm so sorry asking you to connect old boy in Europe. My mind went straight to Europe, not Canada, when you said you are in Alberta. As you are living in Canada, you need to connect old boys in North America at to know about their meeting schedules and their programs on issues concerning our school and donations. I would advise you to connect the current president of the chapter, Dr. Olumide Aderoba, at on how to get your donations across to the chapter.

    As for connecting your old classmates of the golden years, there's a search icon on the top-right hand corner of the website. Type the name of the old boy and click. If the old boy is registered on the website, the system will take you to his page where you can connect by email. Or you can write a reconnection message, which I can help you to broadcast through our website broadcast system.

    Anyway, once again, I do appreciate your friendship. And if there's any way I can still assist you, please let me know.

    Warmest regards on behalf of BIFOBA global.

    Website Administrator.

  • Dear Mr. Seyi Etim,

    Good day to you in Spruce Grove, Alberta!

    And thank you very much for becoming a member of the growing family of the alumni association of your great school: Birch Freeman High School

    It is a pleasure welcoming you on board.

    As you can see, Birch Freeman is being rebuilt after years of neglect. Thanks to the great leadership of BIFOBA national executives, supports from alumni in diaspora and, of course, former Gov. Babatunde Fashola. And BIFOBA hopes you would make your own little contributions toward the glory of our dear alma mater.

    Please connect the old boys' team in London at for you to involve in progressive discussions with other old boys on matters affecting our school and to take part in their programs on issues concerning the development of our alma mater.

    Also, don't forget to tell all alumni you know in Alberta and around the globe about BIFOBA and encourage them to come on board the "alumni connections" and reconnect their old school friends, renew their friendships, make new acquaintances, and network with other wonderful alumni across the globe.

    Once again, you are welcome on board.

    Thank you!

    Up School!


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