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  • Mr. IKHALEA ADAMS,  I beg o make una show us the way for this them hats o. na wa o.  Una just dey trowam for head sha, kooling from the hot naija sun.  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its really nice to see you up and fine men. Life is really treating you well. How is the family and business ? All must be well. We need your push to keep things moving with the rest of BIFOBA EXCO IN LAGOS. We are looking forward to see some progress on the school in the nearest future from our Governor.  Take care and have a bless day. ALLI OSENI(75)

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  • Red Ribbon
  • Yes, he is my brother - Olagoke and Ayo is my sister. His is already on BIFOBA.
  • To be very honest,I do not have the facts.Problems ensued due to a dysfunctionality in the family .Its not something that can be discussed through this medium if u see my point.the whole thing is very sad but let's give God the honour,praises and thanks since He alone knows all things and nothing is hidden from him.HE IS THE I AM THAT I AM.
  • Hello Mr Adams,
    Many thanks for your response.I hope u are well with your loved ones.
    Its nice to read from u after all these years.sad to tell u that Yinka and Wole are both late but Sola is in Nigeria working in the Immigration service at Abeokuta.will email u fully
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  • Thanks. I have now officially stopped wondering. Stay blessed.

    ... and this is for you.
  • Hello Toyin, I'm blessed. Trust u ar 2. I'm sure u ar referin 2 Yemi Solade. Yes he's an ol' boy. Wonder no mor, bro.
  • Hello Mr. Adams, how dey go dey go? Is the guy on the movie "Madam Dearest" an old boy? I saw a picture on the BIFOBA 50th album that makes me wonder. Thanks
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