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  • Hello Young Man,

    I'm very happy that your group was able to talk to Feyi at last. You guys should continue to get in touch with Feyi for all of your concerns and questions. I'm very, very impressed with your group's activities. What a wonderful freemen you all are. Your group should continue with the good work, for you all are the tomorrow's leaders of our great alma mater. 

    Thank you very much and - blessings!

  • Hello young man,

    That's great! Feyi is the right person your group needs for advice and support. Ask him how your group can be effectively involved in OBA's activities. And don't forget to ask him if you guys are eligible to run for any executive position in the up-coming BIFOBA national elections.

    Good luck - and blessings!
  • Young Man,

    Your 2003/2004 set group is just a social group, that's not Bifoba. For your graduation set forming such a group is just a way for you guys to reconnect again and renew your old school days' friendships and network with one another. And that's fantastic. But that does not make you guys to be bona fide members of the national body of Bifoba, since you guys are based in Nigeria.

    What I'm trying to encourage you guys to do is to be bona fide members of the national body by regularly participating in its affairs and fulfiling your membership financial obligations (annual dues). Please read Section 4 Membership of the constitution. To answer your question, fulfiling financial obligation (annual dues and so on) is an individual thing, not a group thing. By being bona fide members, you guys would be able to participate in the electoral process of the national Bifoba, (be able to vote for old boys of your choice into executive positions), and have the rights to examine the financial book of the Association, and so on. Only by participating at the national level you guys can learn and understand how the Association is being run, and so when the baton of leadership is passed over to you guys, you will know what to do and how to improve on it.

    If you guys prefer, you can collect, I believe, individual financial obligations from your members and pass it over to the national body with contributors' names attached to it. And apart from the individual financial obligations, if you guys want, your group can contribute money to support the national body; that decision is left to your group to make.

    For how much is the annual dues and other info, I will advise you to get in touch with Mr. Feyi Diyon (Vice-president, School Affairs) at (mobile): 80-3402-9800, or at 

    You guys should read the constitution; everything is in there.


  • Hello Shola,

    As for your request, attached is the copy of Bifoba National Constitution:

    Bifoba%20National%20Constitution.pdf  Open with Adobe Reader 9.

    I would advise you guys of 2004/2005 graduation set to take part in the up-coming national elections sometime early next year. Good Luck!

    Thank you!

  • Shola,

    You can only add your "graduating-set group" once on the website. I mistakenly approved your request to add your graduating set again. Bifoba will have to delete one of the two. Please be careful about how you post on the website.

    Thank you!
  • Hello Shola,

    It gives a pleasant feeling seeing you in the school uniform with the school badge; you are welcome on board the "alumni connections."

    As you can see, Birch Freeman is being rehabilitated after years of neglect. Thanks to the great leadership of bifoba at home and supports of other wonderful alumni from abroad. As bifoba continues in its efforts to renew the good name and reputation of our dear alma mater, all alumni across the globe have an obligation to contribute towards accomplishing this noble goal.

    Currently, bifoba is raising funds to built 5000 watts of solar power at Birch Freeman to offset consistent, almost everyday, power outages at the school. This is one of the steps the alumni association is taking to build a "legacy of educational excellence " for BFHS. Bifoba trusts you would do your little part.

    Please tell all alumni you know about bifoba and encourage them to come on board the "alumni connections" and reconnect their old school friends, renew their friendships, make new acquaintances, and network with other wonderful alumni across the globe.

    Thank you, and blessings!

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