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  • Samuel,
    This is my gift for you.
  • Dear Samuel Ogunyooye,

    Thank you very much for your generous contribution of $250:00 toward the Solar Power project for Birch Freeman. I appreciate your efforts and all that you've done to ensure that our alumni association would be able to accomplish its goals for our dear school.

    You will hear more from BIFOBA.

    Again, thank you very much, and blessings to you and your family.

  • Yo my main man Oguuuns, it would have been fun to have you at FSAS. I had small fun you know but not as much as Ifenna and Odum, both lawyers as I know you must be aware of. Ifenna and Odum had all the big fun I swear. Ifenna was the don in charge of all 'the boys'. If he did not sanction a party, it did not take place. He strutted around FSAS with a bevy of body guards both male and female and you wont believe it small men like me could not get close to him. I will tell you about Odum's misadventure at a beach party later. I was in Nnewi recently when Ifenna lost the mom. He is taller now but still blind as a bat at noon! I hoped to see Odum but he unfortunately did not attend as he was busy lawyering somewhere. I will join you in asking them to join the 'ning thing'. Ifenna got married recently and he has a son.
  • Oguuuuns baba, great really to know you are alive and well in the white man's country. I honestly refused to go there when i learned there was no hope of gbegiri or ewedu or ogunfe.... anyway have fun over there. hope to meet and greet you my good friend, someday 
  • Hello Sam,


    You finally made it. Welcome aboard. I know you are trained for duty and for thee.

    God Bless.

  • Hello Mr. Ogunyooye,  Thanks for the Dallas hospitality. I had a nice time with you and enjoy the party. I hope to see in Atlanta for the reunion. Have a bless day. ALLI OSENI (75)

  • Ogunyooye, you were my classmate and I think I remember well those beautifuk K legs of yours but i am pretty sure you have overgrown them by now. How are you Ol' boy great to know you are ok.
  • Hello Samuel Ogunyooye,

    Good day to you in Allen, Texas. It's a pleasure seeing you joining the growing family of your alma mater; you are welcome on board the "alumni connections."

    As you can see, Birch Freeman is being rehabilitated after years of neglect. Thanks to Gov. Tunde Fashola, the great leadership of bifoba national executives, and alumni in abroad. As bifoba continues in its efforts to renew the good name and reputation of our dear alma mater, all alumni across the globe have an obligation to contribute towards accomplishing this noble goal.

    Currently, bifoba is raising funds to built 5000 watts of solar power at Birch Freeman to offset consistent, almost everyday, power outages at the school. This is one of the steps the alumni association is taking to build a "legacy of educational excellence " for BFHS. (Please see the attached document.) Bifoba trusts you would do your little part.

    Please tell all alumni you know about bifoba and encourage them to come on board the "alumni connections" and reconnect their old school friends, renew their friendships, make new acquaintances, and network with other wonderful alumni across the globe.

    Thank you, and - blessings!  

    Please read the attached documents: 



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