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  • Hello Isamah,

    Have you got in touch with the organizers of the school's 51st anniversary as you now have their contact informatiom? What are you planning to do and contribute towards the event? Always think of what you are going to do for your school, not what you are going to get. Please get back to me. Thank you!  

  • Isamah,

    As for your request about information for the 51st anniversary of the school, please get in touch with Mr. Feyi Dinyo at or Mr. Olise-Emeka Nwachukwu at

    Thank you!

  • Dear Mr. Isamah,

    Thank you! And I hope you will accept this token gift in the spirit of friendship with which it's offered.
  • Whats up young one?
  • Hello Isamah,

    The meeting is by telephone conference, not face-to-face. This allows all old boys across the globe to participate.

    If you want to participate, dial the access-in number, follow the prompt, enter the participant access code, then you are right in the meeting. Remember, it's a long-distance call from Lagos, so you may have to pay your telephone company, except if you use a number with already prepaid time-call.

    I hope this answers your question - thank you!
  • Dear Isamah Ogheneoro,

    Good day to you and thank you for your added photo. But Please use one of your added photos for your membership photo (by replacing the - green image - on your page with your photo). To do so, go to the profile info on your page and click edit; this takes you to photo. At photo, browse for your already saved loaded photo and post it. Membership photo is an essential requirement of the membership registration of bifoba; moreover, it's more meaningful to have your face with your name.

    Anyway, it's great seeing you joining the - family - of the alumni association of our great school; You are welcome on board the "alumni connections" of bifoba.

    As you can see, Birch Freeman is being rehabilitated after years of neglect. Thanks to the great leadership of bifoba at home and supports of other wonderful alumni from abroad. As bifoba continues in its efforts to renew the good name and reputation of our dear alma mater, all alumni across the globe have an obligation to contribute towards accomplishing this noble goal. Bifoba trusts you would do your little part.

    Please tell all alumni you know about bifoba and encourage them to come on board the "alumni connections" and reconnect their old school friends, renew their friendships, make new acquaintances, and network with other wonderful alumni across the globe.

    Thank you and - blessings!
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