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  • Are you a graduate seeking employment opportunities? Send your resume 2 He is a consulting/Human resources manager. -Simon Olatunji

  • Dear Mr. Ojo Simon,

    Thank you very much for your offer of friendship. I'm accepting it with my warmest regards to you and your family.

  • Hello Mr. Ojo,

    Thank you very much for coming on board bifoba. Did you attend the events for the school's 50th anniversary? Please Mr. Ojo tell all your buddies who graduated from BFHS about the alumni association of our great school and encourage them to come on board. Though with the efforts of bifoba, our dying alma mater is gradually come alive again, but we the alumnis still need to continue to work together to prevent our dear school sliding back into a comatose. We still have a long way to go; we are not out of the wood yet: far, far from that.
    For bifoba to accomplish its goals for our school, we all must play our roles effectively.

    As you may have noticed, bifoba efforts go beyond restoring back the lost glory of our dear school; it also creates an atmosphere of friendly relationships and professional interactions among its members. Many old school buddies are now beginning to connect back again, exchanging professional ideas, and already working on some great things together.

    Thank you once again for joining the growing alumni of your great school.

    Mr. Ojo, please don't forget to upload your photo and post it with your name. That's part of the requests for a membership registration. As you may have known yourself, having a face with a name is always better.

    Thank you!
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