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  • Chineduuuuuuuuuu,

    Where have you been my friend? I'm very, very happy to see you back on BIFOBA. How's your family in  Naija? I just approved your BLOG, and I just can't wait to read it.

    And I say to you: Thank you for your contributions on BIFOBA with your amusing blogs.

    And a point of correction: Our next reunion is in Memphis, Tennessee, not in Atlanta.


  • Chineduuuuuuuuuuu, where have you been hiding? I personally missed you so much on BIFOBA web. By the virtue you guys gave me, I noticed you came to check-up BIFOBA this afternoon.

    maMen, please get in touch with your Man  Ras. David; we have an assignment for you for our reunion in July. And please post something and let me burst into laughter again.

    And thank you very much for making Birch Freeman "glow" during your days at Akobi Crescent.

    Blessings to you and your family my brother.

  • Omo, 

    Didn't particularly embrace the idea initially, moreso that I migrated as a guy in mid-life. but you know, some things you don't plan for just happen and this is one of them. But now that your men are here, you have to be nice enough and plan one fellowship programme for here so we can have a 'viva voce' rapport!

    As for missing 'amala, ewedu et al, let me assure you that those things are available here as well. I have a neighbor here who has a joint where we partake in the 'Isi ewu, Nkwobi, oha soup, Ofe nsala, of'owerri' ritual every weekend. And, I also heard that our man-'Niyi Fagbamiye' was the 'aboki mesuya' at the reunion in Atlanta! How about that? 

  • Hello Chineduuuuuuuu maMen!

    You need to read the "Alumni Magazine" for the Atlanta reunion. Apart from your article - Sweet, Sweet Atlanta - for the reunion, many of your other posted blogs were published.

    Thank you very much for your remarkable contributions to the second edition of Bifoba Alumni Magazine.

    Blessings my brother.

  • Philipo,

    Nna, those K r always thr and naturally a beauty to behold even as I 'migrate' towards my fifties. I am so happy u r still a ruthless commander of the white man's language as implanted in us by Mrs. Fagbamiye, Adetoye  of the "may the devil remove ur teeth" fame, to mention a few. 

    I read and reread your blogs all night, dude and I'm so happy we can relive old times from this site. Take care, buddy and let's keep it whirling...

  • Keep the BLOGS Rolling. I enjoy your blogs
  • My friend Philip,

    This is a gift for you as a token of my appreciation for your outstanding blogs, and I hope you'll accept it in the spirit of friendship with which it's offered. Thanks!
  • My buddy Philip,

    Good day to you! I have read your stimulating, thought provoking parts III and IV blogs of your days in school. Expect my comments very soon.

    My profound greetings to you and your family.

  • Phillip,

    I just watched your album photos now, and I saw your son. My profound "salute" to him and the rest of your family.

    Thank you!
  • Hello Phillip,

    Thank you very much for your added photos. Please post one of your photos on "My Photo" for your home-page.

    Thank you for following through with this bifoba requirement.

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