On January 12, 2017, in his usual periodic briefing, BIFOBA president, Barrister Kingsley Essien, called on old boys both at home and in diaspora for financial supports (or sponsors) for the completion of the toilet facilities of the new school/alumni auditorium for the upcoming 2017 Annual Homecoming and Thanksgiving Ball on April 29, 2017.

The president gave quotations as follows:

1. Completion of Sanitary wares, pipes and other
fittings to male and female toilets: 


2. Construction of re – inforced concrete
cesspool close to the toilets: 


3. Drilling of mini borehole with submersible
pump to serve the existing overhead water tank
on roof slap: 


4. Laminated doors to toilets:    400,000:00

                                                   Total N1,780,000:00

Shortly after, both 1977 set and Engr. Theo Odunlami, former interim president of UK chapter, answered the president's call. Engr. Theo Odunlami single-handedly sponsored the borehole project for the auditorium. The borehole now supplies water to the new auditorium toilets. 

Photo: The Borehole project during construction -  sponsored by Theo Odunlami

1977 set sponsored the completion of the entire toilet facilities of the auditorium; the project, which cost far more than the original quotation, was completed before the successful 2017 Homecoming Ball.

Photo: Completed Auditorium Toilets Renovation -  Sponsored by 1977 Set

1982 and 1983 Auditorium Project Support

Also, in responding to the president's call, 1982 set paid for the completion of the ten windows and the swing door on the left side of the Auditorium while 1983 set took care of the "Round Office" on the Mushin side.

NA Chapter Auditorium Project Support

And, of course, North America chapter paid for the placements of the back room windows and the back room swing doors of the new auditorium.


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