3295544344?profile=originalThe association extends appreciation again to members and their relatives who came from far and near to attend the reunion. Special appreciation goes to our lone ranger host, Mr. Jide Adetutu, for his hospitality and his courage hosting a successful reunion. 18 members attended the reunion with their families and friends.

Thursday, July 20th

  • Arrival of members
  • Some members took time to relax at the clear water beach.

Friday, July 21st

  • Members had breakfast together in the hotel.
  • Some members went to the beach while some took their families and friends to the Tampa adventure island to relax and enjoy the comfortable Tampa hospitality.
  • Members with families and friends spent the evening interacting until fade.

 Saturday, July 22nd

  • Morning devotion
  • Saturday was our main day with a lot of activities. In the morning session, one of us Mr. Joseph Uwagba gave a speech on Cyber security: how to identify hacking and how to avoid website hacking.
  •  Dr. Olumide Aderoba, Mr. Francis Van-Lare, Pastor Femi Morgan, and Mrs. Aderoba also gave short speeches, and members took time to educate and advise one another on Cyber security and on general issues affecting their day-to-day lives.

Congress meeting


1. Dr. Olumide Aderoba (’77)

2. Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye (‘83)

3. Mr. Stephen Odugbemi (’83)

4. Mr. Ayo Fagbamiye (’80)

5. Pastor Vivian Homer-Williams (’75)

6. Dr. Adebowale Ajayi (’77)

7. Mr. Akintunde Ogunsanya (’77)

8. Mr. Emmanuel Faneye (’77)

9. Mr. Samuel Ogunyooye (’84)

10. Mr. Kayode Elutilo (’73)

11. Mr. Ola Olapo (‘74)

12. Mr. Idowu Etefia (‘73)

13. Mr. Babajide Adetutu (’83)

14. Mr. Joseph Uwagba (’83)

15. Mr. Francis Van-Lare (’70)

16. Pastor Femi Morgan (’75)

17. Mr. Gbenga Awoyemi (’94)

18. Mr. Richard Ohaike (’83)

19. Dr.  Moses Oduyebo (’77)……… called in

20. Mr. Francis Odiase (94)………... called in

The second session was our congress meeting, which was attended by 18 members who came to Tampa and 2 members who called in through the telephone conference device, which was left open all day for members who wanted to participate in the session through the conference call.

  • An ex-president of NA chapter, Pastor Femi Morgan, raised a concern on lack of involvement of North America chapter in the decision-making process of the Association (BIFOBA) in Lagos. He said that NA chapter should be participating in the decision-making process of the association in Lagos on issues of global concern rather than just being a financial donor to the body. Members expressed their dislike about the situation and said they would love a situation where one or two members of both North America and United Kingdom chapters are part of the global executive council because that would bring about proper accountability to the association.
  • After much deliberation, the house agreed that the incoming new administration should write a communique to BIFOBA president requesting one or two executive positions should be allocated to North America chapter so that the chapter could be involved in the association’s global decision-making.


  • Members were well informed that 2017 was our election year and that Tampa would serve as the host for the election.
  • The incumbent executive committee led by Mr. Adeniyi Fagbamiye was dissolved, and elections were conducted for all seven executive positions. The election committee members were Pastor Femi Morgan (chairman), Mr. Francis Van-Lare, and Mr. Idowu Etefia.
  • The new executive members were elected through votes by 18 members present and 2 members who voted through the telephone conference.

 The new executive members:

1. Dr. Olumide Aderoba   (’77) ….  President

2. Mr. Ayodele Fagbamiye (’80) … Vice President

3. Mr. Steve Odugbemi (’83)………General Secretary

4. Mr. Babajide Adetutu (’83)……… Asst. General Secretary

5. Mr. Toye Akinsanya (’80)………. Financial Secretary

6. Mr. Joseph Uwagba (’83)………. Auditor

7. Mr. Olugbenga Awoyemi ('94)……….. Publicity Secretary


  • The evening session was characterized by our colorful dinner party
  • Group and family pictures were taken as members were arrayed in a black suit, with school ties, and some in bow ties.
  • During the dinner party, Dr. Olumide Aderoba, Mr. Steve Odugbemi, Mr. Emmanuel Faneye, Mr. Kayode Elutilo, Mr. Richard Ohaike, Mr. Joseph Uwagba and Mr. Toye Akinsanya were presented with awards for their outstanding performance during the past administration.
  • It would be honorable to acknowledge the presence of and the financial gift from Reagan Memorial Girls Old Students' Association who graced the occasion.
  • Members, families, visitors, and friends danced all night to melodious music from a notable DJ.
  • The Master of Ceremony was Mr. Ayodele Fagbamiye.
  • We all could recount that it was a successful family fellowship time and kudos to our host, Mr. Babajide Adetutu.
  • Atlanta, Georgia accepted to host 2018 annual reunion.

Sunday, July 23rd

  • Morning devotion and family breakfast
  • Departure.

Report by the General Secretary


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