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Mr. Feyisola Dinyo: BIFOBA President

Fellow Old Boys,

Compliments of the Season.  Gradually Year 2014 has rolled to its end and I am certain we are all looking forward to 2015 with high expectations.

In 2014, our Association fared better than the previous year although not without the usual disagreements and petty issues which we have learnt to overcome. 


The National Headquarters continued to wax stronger and remained formidable, as the National Executive Council (Exco) in Lagos recorded a very successful year.  Practically all the National Exco’s set goals for 2014 were achieved as there were less distraction this year.


The Multipurpose Auditorium construction whose contract was awarded late 2013

kicked off in earnest in December 2013 and in a record time of 5 months (20 weeks) the physical structure was put in place to such an extent that BIFOBA’s  Annual Homecoming slated for 31st May

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Bifoba NA chapter's President

2014 Reflection from the NA President

Looking back at 2014, I believe the year has been a busy and successful year for Bifoba NA chapter.

We have come a long way and still have a lot to accomplish as a growing association. I will encourage all present members to make it a promise to themselves to at least bring two new members every year to join the association - with more members we can accomplish more.

Accomplishments over the past year:

  • Membership increased
  • More constructive and positive discussions
  • Financial and moral supports for our departed members and their families.
  • Donated dictionaries/gazetteers to the Junior school
  • Successful and memorable reunion in Memphis, Tennessee.

Goals and Aspirations for 2015

  • Family matters (Promote and encourage more time spending with family)
  • To create more sub chapters in different cities and states all over North America.
  • Bifoba NA chapter's collective aspiration  for Bir
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Memphis 2014: NA Reunion's Report 

On Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20, 2014, (BIFOBA) North America chapter organized the seventh alumni reunion in Memphis, Tennessee. The event was held at Homewood Suite, Hilton Hotel in Memphis. Alumni, families and friends across North America gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the past, review the present, and look toward the successful future for the chapter and BIFOBA as a whole.

On Friday of the event, members started arriving at the venue as early as 8 am. By 2 pm, members already gathered in the hall of the venue, exchanging pleasantries, regaling one another with tales of their times at BFHS, and wearing T-shirt (dedicated in honor of the two departed illustrious members:  Dr. Igbuan Oyakhire and Ras. David Tunde Lowo).

By 4 pm, it was a fun time: alumni, families, and friends gathered by the swimming pool of the hotel for a delicious cook out of “suya” meat, roasted plantains and corns, mixed vegetable salads and fruits, a

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