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Photograph of the Donated Trumpet and Flutes By a Romanian Man

Dear Fellow Old Boys:

Let me first thank Pastor Femi Morgan for his remarkable efforts in packing and rearranging all the books and two printers worth of thousands of dollars donated by SCARCE in Chicago for pickup to Birch Freeman High School (BFHS) in Lagos, en route Atlanta.

This past week, Pastor Morgan arranged a pickup for the donated books and other educational materials from SCARCE to be transported from Chicago to Atlanta for final transportation to Lagos. When the driver, an immigrant from Romania, came to get the books, Pastor Morgan explained the NA chapter's goals and visions for BFHS to him. The driver was moved by NA chapter's visions and promised to donate some musical instruments to the same cause. But to our surprise, when the items arrived, they were more than what was originally promised. The wonderful Romanian immigrant donated to BFHS' choir - brand new expensive golden trumpet and flutes.

My dear fel

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Photograph of some of the donated books

In June 2016, School & Community Assistance for Recycling & Composting Education (SCARCE), a charity organisation in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA, donated books worth of thousands of dollars in various subjects of learning to Birch Freeman High School (BFHS), Lagos, (Surulere) Nigeria. Ms. Bev Jaszczurowski, Director of Communication and Business Development for SCARCE, delivered the books to Rev. Olufemi Morgan, the past president of North America Chapter.

During the North America chapter's reunion event in Chicago July 2016, Rev. Femi Morgan presented the books to the chapter. According to Rev. Morgan, the donated books would be shared with BFHS' sister school: Methodist Girls High School (MGHS), Lagos, (Yaba) Nigeria. The donated books would help to brighten the future of students of both BFHS/MGHS by providing them additional high-quality books for the best education possible. Mr. Niyi Fagbamiye, NA chapter's president, reported that all the bo

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